Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well, I know it has been a little while.  I have been away a little longer that what I would have thought but we were on VACATION! and of course trying to get ready for vacation was just as busy as vacation.  lol! We went to Clearwater Flordia to visit Matt's aunt and uncle and two cousins, who happen to live so close to the beach.  They were so kind enough to take us in their home and it was great to see family we havn't seen in awhile.  It was good quality time. 
This is good quality family time! We all had a blast!
So we were gone for a total of 6 days. Yep, that is 6 full days I got to spend with my hubby and sweet baby boy.  As a working mom, I think I was more excited about my 6 full days with my Carter Love than going to the beach.  I actually loved having food stuck in my hair and food thrown in my face because the look on his face after he does it is hilarious! lol!  My time with him was so sweet. I dream of the days that I will get to be with him full time.
Ocean Time: Oh boy did he love the beach! He loved the sounds, the taste, the touch, & everything else that comes with it!  I'm actually very curious on how many sea shells are in his little belly.  I was taking sea shells out of his mouth every second ha! He wouldn't crawl in the sand.  He had this little thing he did.  He would stick his butt up in the air with this feet flat and then try to crawl that way, it was Great! When it was time to leave, he actually cried when I picked him up to leave.  I sat him back down and he was totally fine ha!
First Time In The Ocean
The BEST Family Time!
Next, The Zoo: We took at day to go to the Tampa Zoo.  If you ever get the chance to go to that zoo it is A-H-MAZING! It's huge! Carter had a great time there too!  There are so many gorgeous animals and it was just another great day with my sweet family. 
  Tarpon Springs: So I told Matt that if he wants to move to Flordia tomorrow I would do it without second guessing myself! I LOVE the Clearwater area.  We went to this really cool place called Tarpon Springs.  We also ate some of the best Greek food and we visited the Sponge Shops...
I had a really great Greek Salad...I think I could eat it everyday :)
I found this little cutie outside the sponage shop ;)
If you can't tell by all the amazing pictures, the Lord truly blessed us with a safe and wonderful time.  As I walked along the beach I couldn't help and think what an amazing artist my Lord is.  Not only did He paint the sky the most gorgeous blue, but He also placed the cutest birds in the sky and gave to ocean the most peaceful sound.  It's very magical and spiritual all at the same time.  As I laid there with my feet burried in the sand, that God created, it's so hard for me to believe and understand that people think the Lord doesn't exist.  I pray the world will know the love of the Lord is pure, just like the sounds of the ocean and the movement of the wind.  My desire is to love the Lord with my whole heart...
My favorite part of the trip, neither me or the hubby having to get up and go to work.  I got such an amazing time with him.  Also, having my little man all day long.  I know I talk about the hurt my heart goes through with having to work and leaving my love bug for the day but that is the sacrifice I have to make for my family.  I want Carter Love to be able to enjoy fun trips and get to do fun things with his friends.  I pray daily that he will understand why I make the sacrifice that I do.  I do it for him.  He seems to be a mommas boy right now and I am 100% okay if he stays that way forever.  :) My life is truly a blessing from my wonderful Lord.

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