Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Thoughts Keep Going & Going & Going

My Carter Love went to bed pretty early tonight.  Sad, because again, I only got 2.5 hours with my little love, but it did give me a chance to sit down and prop up my feet, (def needed that after the heels I wore to work today ha!), and let my mind start wondering.  I started thinking, my goodness how much Carter has grown just this weekend, and how we are planning his 1st birthday.  Also, I recently found myself having to defend myself as a working mom and how much that lowered myself confidence and sucked out alot of my energy.
I find myself having to defend myself alot.  The only thing worse than not getting to stay home with my little Carter is explaining myself to a stay at home mom (or anyone) and why I have to work.  I mean it already hurts enough.  Having to explain why I'm a working mom is like shooting myself in the foot! I'm curious on why a dividing line has been created between working moms and stay at home moms.  I think what I despise the most is when one thinks that their "job" is greater or harder than the other.  I feel as if both are equal.  It frustrates me so much!
On a much lighter note...We are planning Carters' 1st birthday! ahh! I hope it's going to be cute.  There really isn't a theme, but we have some good ideas so I can't wait to let you know how it goes.  I'm a little worried about his nap.  I thought I was planning his party at a great time and then he started this 2 naps a day thing again and of course he is making his 2nd nap right at the same time as his party...ahhh! I'm just in awe that he is growing up so fast.
Thinking back on this weekend, I feel like he grew up so much.  He ate off of a big boy plate and didn't try to throw it across the room.  He is drinking out of real sippy cups and he isn't dependent on formula anymore.  He eats big boy meals: breakfest, lunch, and dinner and snacks in between.  Which now that he eats regular meals it has made me want to cook much more healthy.  Remember, I'm going to be one of those health nut moms haha! I have so much fun cooking and I would love to be the next Paula Dean (but of course I wouldn't use as much butter, but that's another post in it's self).  Carter also had a lot of fun this weekend poking a whole in his bag of Cheerios and spilling them all over the floor! haha! I love making messes with him and playing with toys...I just know we will always have fun playing together :)  Looking forward to Friday because that means the weekend with my boys :)
 I know he needs a hair cut, I just don't wanna lol!
 His little mess of Cheerios :) I helped him...
 His Big Boy Lunch...
 Where's Carter...
...There he is!


  1. love it! and I dont think he needs a hair cut!! :)

  2. Yeah I agree...no haircut! ;) also, i really look up to all working mothers. I admire the strength and courage and energy you have to do it all. I can't believe that you actually have to explain yourself...that is ridiculous! Just know that Carter will be able to do things and have things because of your sacrifice all the while knowing you love him more than anything! I hope this encouragement helps somewhat!

  3. Chasity, you are an amazing Mommy! I know exactly what you mean about being inspired to cook and eat healthier. Lola is old enough now that she wants everything we have on our plates. If there is something I don't want her to have because its not healthy enough, it really makes me stop and think, "if I don't want her to have it, should I even be eating it???" Def. makes you stop and think about what we put in our bodies! Hair cuts can wait! (My grandma told me if I cut Lola's hair before her first birthday, it would make her stutter. lol)