Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Simply Momma

Description: It was 3:19am (yes in the morning) and I hear this big cry coming from the next room.  I lay there praying harder than I have ever prayed, "Lord please just let him fall asleep". Then I realized, He is somewhat answering my prayer from last night, ("Lord please allow me to have more time will my sweet Carter Love...PLEASE"). God does have a sense of humor you know...So I get up and stumble into his room and I see his little hiney stuck up in the air and his face burried into his blanket, and I thought for a second, maybe he will go back to sleep, wrong...again! I picked him up and instantly he stops the tears. We started rocking back and forth and by this point he becomes calm as can be and I can't help but wonder did he have a bad dream, do I need to take his temperature, does he not feel well and then I thought maybe he simply just wanted momma.  My heart begin to get all warm and I think "I could sit here all night", and we did.
At one point he pats my back and strokes my hair and plays with my ratty ol t-shirt and right then and there I begin to truly understand the love of the Lord.  I grew up in a christian home so I was always surrounded my "God is love" and "Jesus loves me" but as I'm rocking back and forth it clicks...The love of the Lord goes much deeper than the love I have for Carter and that is almost unthinkable.  I truly understand unconditional love.  My biggest prayer for Carter is he will truly experience Gods' love and salvation.    
He then begins to lift his head and stares at me for abour five seconds and then he laid his tiny little head back down (that's where he starts to stroke my hair) and he does this about five times.  All I can think about is how he simply just wanted momma.  While he starts to doze off the thoughts starting flowing, I wonder what kind of friend he will be.  He better be a hard worker.  I wonder if he will be a preacher or a tattoo artist.  I wonder if he will be scared on his first day of school or score the winning touchdown at his last game as a senior.  That was our quite time, bonding time, perfect time. The time were I truly understood Gods' Love.    

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