Thursday, September 8, 2011

Every Second Counts

Well, I'm sure you have noticed a few changes here at my good ole blog! Yes, I went through a couple name changes and designs. I hope you like!
Now to get to the good stuff.  It's no surprise that I work two full time jobs, mommy and at a real estate office.  That was my whole reason on starting my little blog, and to clear the air on a few misconception on working mommas, but anyway.  Even tho mornings come early, and I mean early, it is still my favorite part of the day.  I don't go to bed till late because after my Carter love hits the sack I stay up and clean, get my things done, and get his stuff ready for the next day.  I get up before him and try to pull myself together quickly because I know the only time I get with him is when he wakes up and when I get off work.  Even tho mornings are busy, I don't just sit Carter in front of the tv so I can get ready.  He loves the bathroom, so I take advantage of that! It's also play time with me and him, even tho I'm putting my make up on.  We play lots of peek-a-boo in the mirror and he likes to hand me all of my brushes, clips, and headbands.  I turn the bathtub water on and he loves to play with the running water.  We sing lots of songs and have quite time rocking.  It's important that I take advantage of these few moments I get here and there because even tho he is little every second counts.  This morning, I didn't have a lot of time to take a whole lot of pictures but I took a few and I'm sorry because a couple of them are a tad blurry...I hope your morning are just as fun! What are some fun things you do? Maybe Carter would like them too :)
 He loves handing me everything
Bathtub toys are also great because he doesn't play with them through the day so they are almost like new when he sees them in the morning. 
He knows he's funny!

He loves playing with water

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