Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Givin' Lovin'

I am having to come to terms with Carter growing up like crazy.  I really had a break down around his 1st birthday.  We took him to get his 1st hair cut and after that, O MY GOODNESS, he looked so much like a toddler instead of a baby and it just broke my heart.  Once I (kinda) got use to the new hair cut I tried to embrace the fact the my baby is turning into a toddler.  Yes, bitter sweet for sure!  My growing baby boy feeds himself, walking, and trying to talk.  I LOVE to hearing him trying to talk, it's hilarious!  When he says momma momma momma it for real makes my heart smile.  His little jumbled up words, that reads like this hnlkj sdflj;sd jskfs;djfe hsjhf, gives him such a personality already! He has so much to say!

Even tho my baby isn't a infant baby anymore I still find my self holding him like I just brought him home or grabbing a bottle every once in awhile to feed him milk before he goes to bed. (Hey no judging, it's not like he has a bottle all day everyday. You know I'm not the only one).  Even tho I have a hard time with all this growing up stuff I find myself loving it more and more everyday.  Like when I say smooches he gives you kisses with his mouth wide open, or when I say Eh, Eh, No, No he looks at me like I just crushed his dream (then it's already followed by his head in between his hands on the floor crying).  But my favorite, my all time favorite is give momma lovin' and he lays his little head on my shoulder or puts his head to my head, places his hand on my back, and has the biggest smile on his face.  That right there is why I get up in the morning.  The love of a child is pure, innocent and selfless.  He has no worry about the world, finances, or hate, he loves all, just like God loves all.  I know for a fact that as he keeps growing I will continue to make mistakes, and more of them, but what I hope he knows is that I will always love him.  My momma always told me, "you won't understand how much I love you until you have a child of your own." She is 100% correct.    
My Precious Carter Love...Will Always Be My Baby
Givin' Momma Smooches :)

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