Monday, June 20, 2011


OOO yesterday was Father's Day and it was a good one.  Me and the hubby celebrated by doing NOTHING! yep, nothing at all.  We did go to Matts parents later that evening but that was it.  It ws nice to relax with the hubby.  Carter treated his daddy by taking 2 naps, one was 2 hrs and the second one was 3 hrs! Thank you Carter! We are keeping it simple this year, so I made Matt one of his favorites (even though it was a new recipe for me to cook, thanks Paula Dean) BROWNIES! but they were special because I made this delicious choco sauce to go on top:
*One box of browine mix
*5TBS of butter (haha, sure it's fat free)
*1 cup of packed brown sugar
*1 1/2 cup of chopped pecans

*Fix the brownies according to the box
*Poor into a 9x13 inch pan
*in a seperate sauce pan melt butter, then add brown sugar and pecans.  Cook until brown sugar disolves. Then pour pecan mixture of brown mix and bake on 350 for about 25-30 min :) ENJOY!

Also to keep it simple, Carter made his Daddy a card for Father's Day.  He seemed to have fun with helping me make it.  Carter lost focus a couple times and wanted to eat the marker and pen so of course I had to help him...hehehe :)  Right now Carter gives the best high fives EVER! So that was the inspiration for the card...

What an amazing day to share with my blessed little family.  I am so blessed and thankful to not only have a amazing husband that treats me like a queen and goes above and beyond to help our family and work so hard but he also is the best dad! He changes diapers, and doesn't complain about it, he loves to feed, play, and gets up with me at night when Carter decides to play...what more could a working mommy ask for? I am truly blessed beyond what I deserve!
Not only did I have the best time celebrating Father's Day Sunday but Saturday was a busy day as well, but it did come with a lot of guilt.  Me and two amazing girlfriends got to travel to the big city of ATL to celebrate the future wedding of a dear friend! We got to see her in her wedding dress, we got sized for our bridemaids dresses, had lunch, and went back to her place and got to see and hear all things wedding! Then we ended the day with of course something sweet at a wonderful cupcake bakery.  It was a MUCH needed girls trip and it was SUCH A BLAST but I couldn't help and think of my two boys I had to leave behind.  Being a working momma not only do I feel awful for being away from my son but my hubby too.  Saturday is our family day and I had to give that up.  I was more than happy to go see my girls but I felt bad for doing it.  I didn't see Carter at all on Saturday but remember because I have to work I don't see him much Monday-Friday either.  I feel like I don't know how to balance the two (some much needed advice would be helpful).  Guilt def comes into play because I don't get to see Carter much during the week so I felt like I was giving up his time on Saturday to do something I wanted and needed to do.  I need to remember that having some so called "me" time is okay when needed because having that time will re-boost me and it's important that Carter has a joyful mommy and the hubs has a happy wife.  With being a working mommy I will say that I am more invested when I'm around the people I love, no matter if it's my family or friends because most of my time is spent at work and I don't want to take what little time I get with them for granted...

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  1. Just so you know, I'd be more than happy to meet you with Carter Love at a restaurant on your lunch break some time :o) That way you get some more Carter Time in the week!

    You're an amazing momma, Chass! I know Carter thinks so too because he lights up when you walk in to pick him up after work. Your "me time" is much needed and deserved :o)

    Love you!