Friday, June 17, 2011

Life Saver...Or Should I Say Style Saver?

Working mom or not, when does ANY mom get a chance to get all styled up?!?  We don't and I am totally fine with it except I don't think my job would think it would be very professional if I came in with my running shorts and a good ol' Chi O t-shirt on (that's my attire when I'm home with Carter).  So with me being a working mom I have to get up and get ready if I like it or not.  I was talking with one of my best friends the other day (she has a baby girl 4mos younger than Carter) to make sure I wasn't the only one who chose sleep over clean hair.  Lets be honest working often do you lay there and think "I could just put my hair in a pony tail...I have only had one pony tail this week".  Then the next morning I think "I could have a teased pony tail today?" So of course I choose sleep, it would be silly if I didn't! ha!  I have a perfect solution and any mom out there is going to love that I have shared this amazing secret, that is if you don't already know about it by now...

   And behold, Tresemme Dry Shampoo=best thing EVER! This keeps me from having one less pony tail a week at work.  So with this A-H-MAZING product I still get to choose sleep and I can still "wash" my hair. :) Thank You Tresemme, Thank You!  And happy sleeping moms. :)


  1. Chas I love your blog! How you do it all I'll never know. I just started back 3 days a week to work this past week. And to cut down on costs I have used baby powder since college instead of dry shampoo. It's amazing and so cheap! This way I only wash my hair every other day and get to choose sleep!

  2. i've been wondering if that stuff really works...I've been wanting to get some bc i hate washing my hair every that I've heard from someone who uses it, guess I'll go try it out myself!