Wednesday, June 15, 2011


O my sweet Carter Love is so sweet! He's 9 1/2mos old and yes, changing his diaper is like WWIII, but he is still my sweet little man! As I was cuting his nails, after his bath that he LOVED, he laid his little head on my chest and we just sat there for a moment, that was the sweetest moment of my day.  I then said our prayers and I laid him in his I walk away I can't help but think, "where did all the time go?"  First, where did the time go, he is NINE MONTHS OLD!  Didn't I just give birth? Crazy, he is crawling everywhere & all 19 stairs on his own, feeding himself, holding himself up with one hand, my Carter Love is growing!  Then I can't help but think, "where did the time go today?"  I had a total of 3.5 hours with him today...yes, that is because I am a working momma (and let me clarify, not by choice). Not all working moms work because they want to but they have too.  Anyway, I am beyond thankful I had the 3.5 hours with him, it was very special time...he had my full and undivided attention.  I'm very thankful we are able to leave Carter with his yaya and aunt tay-tee but I can't help and think, I am his mommy, I need to be the one that teaches him and helps him grow and develop.  It makes me really really sad.  A sadness I really struggle with.  I wish my day had 32 hours in it...can I make that happen in anyway? Being a full time working mommy my time has to stay organized.  I havn't mastered that yet but I'm getting there. :)   My sissy gave me some amazing advice.  I have thought of it before but hearing it from some else I guess makes you think of it more often I guess lol.  "I need live in the moment of the time I get with him and stop thinking about the time I don't get with him"...seesh she is good, we are twin sissys for some reason!

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