Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Day...

O Saturday couldn't have been any sweeter! I got lots of laughs, kisses, snuggles, and messes.  This was def. a blessed day that I got to spend with my hubby & baby boy.  It was a bitter sweet day.  We were suppose to head up to Kingsport to see my sweet momma but plans changed and we had to stay at home, but we ended up making it a VERY FUN DAY! First stop...the farmers market.  This couldn't have been more fun! Carter did so good.  He looked at everything and wanted to touch everything.  I for sure have a 10mos old!
Our Day At The Farmers Market
Our Beautiful Downtown and Some Very Yummy Peaches...Carter Loves Peaches

After we finished at the farmers market I remember thinking "I don't know if this day could get any better".  It was only 8am and we still had our whole day ahead of us.  I then, for a split second and only a second, I got a little bit sad, only because I wish I could have this time with him everyday.  I look at his sweet face as he smiles back at me and I can't help but get lost in his pure sweetness and all my sadness just goes away.  I try to "live in the moment" but I won't lie, sometimes it's a struggle.
So after our wonderful time at the farmers market we had a quick trip to Nashville to pick up Aunt Cassi from the air port and then we all headed  back downtown and had a fabulous breakfest at Murfreesboro most famous City Cafe...AMAZING!
   After a couple naps and some lunch our day wasn't quite over just yet...Park Time! Carter loves swinging!  He just laughed and laughed and he wanted to stay there forever...

Then we had a blast on the slide...

 He Made It To The Top!
We had a fun filled day for sure.  He was a tired little boy after our big day.  That is where all my suggles came in.  Now if only I could figure out how to be with my little punkin head everyday my life would be complete.  I pray daily that the Lord would help me figure out a way to make my dream job come true.  I want to make everyday with my little Carter Love a Fun Day!  

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