Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time To Eat!

If it's one thing Carter loves to do most it's EAT! Boy has he been a eater since day uno.  Sometimes I can't feed him fast enough...
This sweet baby boy shows his monster side when it comes to food.  He doesn't play around haha!  One thing I wanted to have the most control over while he was little is knowing exactly what goes into his body.  As a mother I feel like it is SO important to teach our children healthy ways to eat.  Yes, I am going to be that mom, the health nut.  Poor Carter, I know! ha!  At 6 or 7 I want my kids to ask me what a happy meal is.  Now, I'm not saying if your kids eat happy meals that your wrong, I'm just choosing to not go that route.  Don't worry, I have heard over and over, "you just wait till they are screaming in the backseat..." well, my answer to that is, he can wait till we are home. lol!  I want him to love to cook and have fun in the kitchen.  I want cooking and kitchen to be happy words.  Some of my favorite memories from when I was little was cooking with my momma in the kitchen.  We all had our own night to help her cook and it was so much fun!  By the way Carter helps me cook now.  I strap him to my body and he just follows me around everywhere in the kitchen.  He seems to have a blast! 
With all that said, even though I'm a working momma and my time is def limited, I still find the time to make Carters' baby food.  My favorite website is and a great starting website is  By making Carters' baby food it gives me a great peace of mind about knowing exactly what goes into his precious little body and I can't forget to mention the amount of $$money$$ we are saving! O. MY. GOODNESS. do we save a ton of money!  Working moms let me be the first to say, it is very possible to make your own baby food and it not take anytime away from your sweet bundle of joy.  Yes, sometimes I do have to stay up a little later but that's okay.  I love the fact that at 8mos I was cooking his food with cinnamon, basil, rosemary, and all kinds of fun spices.  Here are some of Carters favorites...actually all food is his favorite...even avacado! Happy Cooking!
Green Beans
Cooked with a slice of apple, onion, and rosemary...It was so hard not eating these all myself!
  Banana Mango Sauce
3 Bananas, 3 Mangos & 2tsp of Lime Juice...If you use 3 of each it leaves a little extra for a smoothie for mom & dad :)
P.S. Please excuse the bad pictures...the good ones are taken by my mother-in-law and sister-in-law...they are the professionals :)

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